Magnetic Dishcloth Holder Steel - XL

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Kolli = 6 ex. Magnetic Cloth Rail 42 cm - steel

Sink type: Normal sink. This version is XL - and  42 cm and works perfect for a large kitchen sink

(NB the packing box is not ready - so this comes in a box without print) 

This model is designed to the modern large sinks in mind. 



Product Contents: 

1 Magnetic dishcloth holder in stainless-steel, 42 cm

2 Counter magnets for the back of the sink  (normal sink)

2 Adhesives for fixating counter magnets 

Mer Information
Varenummer 41000B2B
unit_price_24 121,50 kr
unit_price_54 121,00 kr
unit_price_108 119,00 kr
Function For Sink
sink type Steel Sink
Size 42 cm/black
Farve Black
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